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Influence of Photoperiod, Plant Age, and Stage of Development on Brown Stem Rot of Soybean. D. V. Phillips, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia College of Georgia College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, Georgia Station, Experiment 30212; Phytopathology 62:1334-1337. Accepted for publication 26 May 1972. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-62-1334.

Brown stem rot symptom ratings were lower in young vegetative soybean plants than in older vegetative plants. Age did not influence symptom development in plants after floral induction. An increase in symptom rating occurred when young plants were changed from a long-day to a short-day photoperiod. Whether this response was associated with floral induction or was an independent response to change in photoperiod was not determined.

Additional keywords: Glycine max, Cephalosporium gregatum.