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Morphology and Pathogenicity of Calonectria floridana, Calonectria kyotensis, and Calonectria uniseptata. E. K. Sobers, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Georgia, College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, Coastal Plain Station, Tifton, Georgia 31794; Phytopathology 62:485-487. Accepted for publication 17 November 1971. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-62-485.

The perfect and imperfect states of Calonectria floridana, C. kyotensis, and C. uniseptata were compared morphologically and in pathogenicity tests with an isolate of Cylindrocladium scoparium. The three species of Calonectria reacted similarly to 20 hosts in leaf and root pathogenicity tests, but differed from Cylindrocladium scoparium in their pathogenicity to roots of three species of Lupinus and three cultivars of peach. They were morphologically indistinguishable, and all produced an imperfect state identified as Cylindrocladium floridanum. On the basis of priority, Calonectria kyotensis is correctly assigned as the perfect state of Cylindrocladium floridanum.