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Response of Monilinia fructicola Conidia to Individual and Combined Treatments of Anoxia and Heat. J. Bussel, Assistant Research Pomologist, Department of Pomology, University of California, Davis 95616, Present address of senior author: Citrus Marketing Board of Israel, P.O. Box 2590, Tel-Aviv, Israel.; Mary Miranda(2), and N. F. Sommer(3). (2)(3)Research Assistant, and Lecturer and Pomologist, respectively, Department of Pomology, University of California, Davis 95616. Phytopathology 61:61-64. Accepted for publication 7 August 1970. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-61-61.

Conidia of Monilinia fructicola were synergistically inactivated by treatment with heat followed by anoxia. By contrast, anoxia increased the resistance of spores to subsequent heating. A 45-min exposure to air after anoxia, however, caused the spores to revert to their original sensitivity. Sodium azide and sodium arsenite resembled anoxia in their effect on survival when conidia were treated with the respiratory inhibitors before or after heating.