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Effect of Heterodera schachtii Infection on Sugarbeet Leaf Growth. D. L. Doney, Research Geneticist, Crops Research Division, ARS, USDA, Salinas, California 93901; E. D. Whitney(2), and A. E. Steele(3). (2)(3)Plant Pathologist, and Nematologist, respectively, Crops Research Division, ARS, USDA, Salinas, California 93901. Phytopathology 61:40-41. Accepted for publication 31 July 1970. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-61-40.

A significant increase in petiole length was observed in nematode infected over noninfected sugarbeet plants, 8 and 9 weeks after inoculation with Heterodera schachtii larvae. The average size of the spongy parenchyma cells of the petioles (measured with a phase contrast microscope) was significantly greater in the nematode-infected plants (1.44 × 104 mm2) than in healthy plants (0.79 × 104 mm2). A highly significant correlation coefficient of 0.89 was obtained between cell size and length of the petioles. No difference was found in the lower epidermal cells of the leaf between healthy and nematode-infected plants.

Additional keywords: nematode, petiole, growth-promoting substance.