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Viburnum Calico Caused by a Strain of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus. H. E. Williams, Plant Pathologist, California Department of Agriculture, Sacramento 95814; S. H. Smith(2), and F. W. Schwenk(3). (2)Associate Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, The Pennsylvania State University, Fruit Research Laboratory, Arendtsville 17303; (3)Plant Virologist, Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University, Manhattan 66502. Phytopathology 61:1305. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-61-1305.

A strain of alfalfa mosaic virus was isolated from Viburnum tinus ‘Robusta’ leaves exhibiting a bright calico pattern. The virus was serologically related to a strain of alfalfa mosaic virus isolated from Viburnum opulus showing mosaic symptoms on the spring leaves. Plants of V. tinus and V. opulus free of virus were developed through heat treatment. Calico symptoms developed in heat-treated plants of V. tinus when subsequently inoculated with the alfalfa mosaic strains isolated from the two Viburnum species. The name “Viburnum Calico” is proposed for this disease.