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Pseudomonas Content of Cherry Trees. H. R. Cameron, Associate Plant Pathologist, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, Corvallis 97331. Phytopathology 60:1343-1346. Accepted for publication 4 April 1970. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-60-1343.

The systemic distribution and frequency of Pseudomonas spp. was determined within diseased and healthy-appearing sweet cherry trees (P. avium). Fluctuations in both bacterial distribution and frequency occurred during the seasons, and could be correlated with variations in available moisture and temp. Highest populations were in early spring, with a moderate increase after the first fall rains. Lowest populations were in midsummer and during the coldest weeks of winter. The systemic existence of Pseudomonas syringae Van Hall. helps to explain the lack of effective control from protective bactericides applied to the surface of trees.