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Temperature, an Important Factor Determining Survival of Corynebacterium michiganense in Soil. P. K. Basu, Plant Pathologist, Cell Biology Research Institute, Research Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada. Phytopathology 60:825-827. Accepted for publication 9 December 1969. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-60-825.

Corynebacterium michiganense, the tomato canker organism, survived in infected tomato leaflets and on infested cotton threads for at least 36 and 11 weeks, respectively, at 20 C, in sterile and unsterile soil at pH 7.7 ± 0.3, but did not survive more than 3 weeks at temp from 5-35 C. The organism was recovered from soil ranging in moisture content from 2.7 to 21%. Soil moisture, per se, did not limit its ability to survive.