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Effect of Virus Infection on Susceptibility to Certain Fungus Diseases and Yield of Gladiolus. M. K. Beute, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh 27607. Phytopathology 60:1809-1813. Accepted for publication 21 July 1970. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-60-1809.

Virus infection of Gladiolus hortulansus L. decreased yield of flower spikes, corms, and cormels, and increased plant mortality when plants were grown in fungus-infested soil. Virus infection did not affect mortality or yield of plants growing in fumigated soil. Reduced survival and yield of virus-infected gladioli was correlated with increased susceptibility to foliage and soil-borne pathogens. Infection with cucumber mosaic virus or tobacco ringspot virus increased the prevalence and/or severity of Fusarium and Stromatinia root rot diseases, Curvularia leaf spot disease, and storage rot of corms. Similar responses were noted with inoculated and chronic virus-infected plants.

Additional keywords: Multiple-pathogen-interaction, synergism, predisposition, disease complex.