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Pathogenicity Studies of Organisms Involved in the Cotton Boll-Rot Complex. H. S. Bagga, Plant Pathologist, Delta Branch of the Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station, Stoneville, Mississippi 38776. Phytopathology 60:158-160. Accepted for publication 27 August 1969. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-60-158.

Pathogenicity studies of 36 organisms associated with the cotton boll-rot complex were conducted to determine organisms capable of directly penetrating the pericarp of the cotton boll. Bacillus subtilis, Diplodia gossypina, Glomerella gossypii, and Xanthomonas malvacearum are primary pathogens, capable of direct penetration. Myrothecium roridum penetrated the pericarp directly, indicating that this organism is also a primary pathogen of the cotton boll. The degree of internal rot produced by each of the primary pathogens was similar in vitro and in vivo.