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Tobacco MosaicTobamovirus Does Not Require Concomitant Synthesis of Movement Protein During Vascular Transport. Abed Gera. Department of Virology, The Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan 50250, Israel. C. Michael Deom(2), Jonathan Donson(3), Joe J. Shaw(4), Dennis J. Lewandowski(5), and William O. Dawson(5). (1) Department of Virology, The Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan 50250, Israel; (2)Department of Plant Pathology, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-7274 U.S.A. (3)Biosource Technologies, Inc., Vacaville, CA 95688 U.S.A. (4) Botany and Microbiology Department, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849 U.S.A. (5) University of Florida, Citrus Research and Educational Center, Lake Alfred, FL 33850 U.S.A. MPMI 8:784-787. Accepted 8 June 1995. Copyright 1995 The American Phytopathological Society.

A tobacco mosaic tobamovirus (TMV) mutant, which is defective in cell-to-cell transport, moved long-distance through parts of grafted plants that do not express TMV movement protein, MP(-). Long-distance movement of the TMV mutant in vascular tissue from MP(-) tobacco was as efficient as wild-type TMV. The data indicate that once in the phloem, presumably the sieve elements, longdistance movement of TMV does not require concomitant synthesis of MP.

Additional Keywords: long-distance movement, grafted plants.