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Bacterial Type Two Secretion System Secreted Proteins: Double-Edged Swords for Plant Pathogens

September 2005 , Volume 18 , Number  9
Pages  891 - 898

Gopaljee Jha , R. Rajeshwari , and Ramesh V. Sonti

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Uppal Road, Hyderabad-500 007, India

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Accepted 23 May 2005.

The type two secretion system (T2S) is important for virulence of a number of gram-negative bacterial plant pathogens. Most of the T2S-secreted proteins that have been characterized to date are involved in degrading different components of plant cell walls. Functional redundancy appears to exist among T2S-secreted proteins because significant effects on virulence are observed only in strains in which multiple secreted proteins are mutated. Several T2S-secreted proteins have been shown to induce plant defense responses, including hypersensitive response-like reactions. Bacterial pathogens can suppress these defense responses, and recent results indicate that suppression is mediated through the type three secretion system.

Additional keywords: cell wall-degrading enzymes, phytopathogenic bacteria, programmed cell death, pseudopilus, sec-dependent pathway.

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