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Identification of Rice Blast Fungal Elicitor-Responsive Genes by Differential Display Analysis

April 2000 , Volume 13 , Number  4
Pages  470 - 474

Cha Young Kim , 1 Sung-Ho Lee , 2 Hyeong Cheol Park , 1 Chang Gyu Bae , 1 Yong Hwa Cheong , 1 Young Ju Choi , 3 Chang-deok Han , 2 Sang Yeol Lee , 1 Chae Oh Lim , 2 and Moo Je Cho 1 , 2

1Department of Biochemistry, Chinju 660-701; 2Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Research Center, Gyeongsang National University, Chinju 660-701; 3Department of Food and Nutrition, Silla University, Pusan 616-060, Korea

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Accepted 8 December 1999.

In order to study molecular interactions that occur between rice and rice blast fungus upon infection, we isolated fungal elicitor-responsive genes from rice (Oryza sa-tiva cv. Milyang 117) suspension-cultured cells treated with fungal elicitor prepared from the rice blast fungus (Magnaporthe grisea) employing a method that combined mRNA differential display and cDNA library screening. Data base searches with the isolated cDNA clones revealed that the OsERG1 and OsERG2 cDNAs share significant similarities with the mammalian Ca2+-dependent lipid binding (C2) domains. The OsCPX1 cDNA is highly homologous to peroxidases. The OsHin1 cDNA exhibits homology to the tobacco hin1 gene, whose expression is induced by avirulent pathogens. The OsLPL1 and OsMEK1 cDNAs share homologies with lysophospholipases and serine/threonine mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase kinases, respectively. The OsWRKY1 and OsEREBP1 cDNAs are homologous to transcription factors, such as the WRKY protein family and the AP2/EREBP family, respectively. Transcripts of the OsERG1, OsHin1, and OsMEK1 genes were specifically elevated only in response to the avirulent race KJ301 of the rice blast fungus. Our study yielded a number of elicitor-responsive genes that will not only provide molecular probes, but also contribute to our understanding of host defense mechanisms against the rice blast fungus.

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