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​​​PMN's​ Newest Focus: Wheat​

Wheat is one of the world’s most important crops. Globally, wheat-based foods supply the most calories and protein of any food and are a major source of essential micronutrients, fiber, and bioactive compounds. As the world’s population increases, so does the demand for wheat. Wheat is the main source of income for millions of growers and a significant commodity in the global economy.

Plant Management Network (PMN) intends to highlight the latest translational research on this critical commodity with “Focus on Wheat,” a collection of applied, multidisciplinary, online resources for growers, trainers, and other professionals involved in management of this crop. This new collection currently includes six peer-reviewed, open-access webcasts: five about the wheat–mite–virus complex and one about the wheat stem sawfly​.

PMN is eager to add more webcasts to the “Focus on Wheat” collection to fulfill the educational needs of our growers. If you are a wheat researcher with a grant outreach component, you are invited to share your knowledge directly with growers and extension colleagues through “Focus on Wheat.” If you represent an organization interested in providing access to such knowledge, consider joining with PMN to sponsor the “Focus on Wheat” platform.

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