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​​​Get Involved in the International Year of Plant Health!​

​​All of us can promote healthy plants in our own impactful ways. From farmers to government officials to active citizens, everyone has a role to play. Discover all the ways you can get involved below. ​

​​​​Spread the Word

We are looking for influencers and media experts to help spread the word on the vital importance of plant health.

Some places to share IYPH messages include:

  • ​Social Media
  • Talk Shows
  • Discussion Panels
  • Media Briefings
  • Radio
  • TV Call-In Shows

Be Aware

​Many of us do not spend much time thinking about plant health, but everyone can make small changes that can have a big impact. We can all reduce our environmental footprint, protect natural resources and spread the word. 

A few was you can improve plant health: 

  • Respect plant health regulations that have been put in place to protect agriculture, forestry and the environment.
  • Use Caution when brining plans and plant products (e.g. seeds, vegetables, cut flowers) across borders
  • Be careful when ordering plants and plant products online as small packages can easily bypass regular phytosanitary controls
  • Be mindful of daily actions that can reduce your environmental footprint
  • Actively engage in initiatives to protect and manage natural resources
  • Approach municipalities, outdoor advertisers, or transportation companies to see if they are willing to display IYPH materials such as the posters, banners, or video that will be available for use in places like cinemas, subways, and on public transport. 
  • Spread the word (#GrowIt #PlantHealthisYourHealth) on social media and elsewhere through 2020 and beyond!

Want to take a step further and really show your plant love? Plan an IYPH event!

Some ideas for a plant health promotional event:
  • ​Tree Planting Ceremonies
  • Marathons
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Shows
  • Farmers Forum
  • Round Table Discussion

Take a look at the Communications Toolkit (coming soon) to find promotional materials to support your efforts

​Take Action

Government Officials ​can have a major impact on plant health by supporting and promoting legislation that enhances food security. 

Officials Can: ​

  • ​Promote public awareness campaigns on the importance of plant health
  • Invest in plant protection organizations to ensure needed human and financial resources
  • Strengthen monitoring and early warning systems to protect plant health
  • Ensure that phytosanitary import requirements are based on IPPC standards and are technically justified, consistent with the pest risk involved, represent the least restrictive measures available, and result in the minimum impediment to the international movement of people, commodities and conveyances
  • Invest in more innovative practices and plant health-related research
  • Provide incentives to the private sector and farmers to adopt innovative practices
  • Align policies and actions with sustainable development goals related to plant health
  • Enforce plant house standards and strengthen plant protection capacity, including conducting a phytosanitary capacity evaluation (PCE) in collaboration with the IPPC Secretariat​

Farmers and those in agribusiness have a direct impact on plants and play a significant role in protecting plant health now and into the future.

The men and women who work in agriculture can: 

  • Stay connected​ to the latest research and technology to best prevent and manage plant pests and diseases
  • Regular monitor and report on pests
  • Utilize environmentally-friendly pest management methods
  • Use only certified pest-free seeds and seedlings