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Award Descriptions

Nominated Awards

Award of Distinction: This award, the highest honor the society can bestow, is presented on rare occasions to persons who have made truly exceptional contributions to plant pathology. Nominations for this award may be submitted by any member of the society. Nominees for the Award of Distinction need not be members of the society.

Distinguished Service Award: This award honors APS members who have provided sustained outstanding leadership to the society, while also furthering the science of plant pathology. This award is only presented upon recommendation of the APS Council.​

Fellow: The society grants this honor to a current APS member in recognition of distinguished contributions to plant pathology or to The American Phytopathological Society. Anyone who has been a member of the society for at least three years immediately before nomination, except for retired persons who were members for the last three years before retirement, is eligible.

Fellow recognition is based on significant contributions in one or more of the following areas: original research, teaching, advancement of disease management, administration, professional and public service, and/or extension and outreach. It is important to clearly indicate in the nomination statement which of these major categories serve(s) as the basis for the nomination.

William Boright Hewitt and Maybelle Ellen Ball Hewitt Award: This award recognizes a scientist within 5 years of the Ph.D. who has made an outstanding, innovative contribution directed towards the control of plant disease. In order to be considered, the nominee must have received the Ph.D., or completed postdoctoral training, no more than five years prior to nomination and be an APS member. Contributions that include research or activities performed for a graduate degree will not be considered. Supporting information should include a detailed description of innovative research or extension programs. Nominations will stand for only one year. Recipient will receive an award honorarium derived from APS Foundation funds bequeathed to the society by the Hewitt estate.

Lee M. Hutchins Award: This is an award to the author or authors of published research on basic or applied aspects of diseases of perennial fruit plants (tree fruits, tree nuts, small fruits and grapes, including tropical fruits, but excluding vegetables). A nomination must be based principally or completely upon a paper or series of papers published in APS journals within 10 calendar years preceding the Annual Meeting. Earlier papers in APS journals should be cited in the nomination only if they were the foundation of subsequent work during the 10-year period, or if the work during the 10- year period involved a logical extension and application of earlier research. The nominated paper(s) may report research on any aspect of disease diagnosis, epidemiology, etiology, physiology, vector relations, control, or properties of the etiologic agent. The committee would be influenced by the significance of the research reported, how it provides a better understanding of fruit plant diseases and contributes ultimate value to the fruit industry. Nominations will stand for only one year. Nominees need not be members of the society. Recipient will receive an award honorarium derirved from the APS Foundation Lee M. Hutchins Fund bequeathed to the society by Dr. Hutchins.

Noel T. Keen Award: This award recognizes APS members for research excellence in molecular plant pathology. Nominees will have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated sustained excellence and leadership in research that significantly advances the understanding of molecular aspects of host-pathogen interactions, plant pathogens or plant- associated microbes, or molecular biology of disease development or defense mechanisms. Recipients will receive an award honorarium derived from a fund established through the APS Foundation.

Ruth Allen Award: This award honors individuals who have made an outstanding, innovative research contribution that has changed, or has the potential to change, the direction of research in any field of plant pathology. Nominees for this award need not be members of the society. Recipients of the Ruth Allen Award receive an award honorarium derived from The APS Foundation fund established by the heirs of Dr. Allen.

Excellence in Extension Award: This award recognizes an APS member for excellence in extension plant pathology. Nominees will be individuals who have made outstanding contributions by creating, developing, or implementing extension-related programs or materials, or have provided significant leadership in an area of extension plant pathology. Supporting information could include descriptions of significant clientele educational programs; development of information transfer materials such as bulletins, fact sheets, books, newspaper and magazine articles, computer software and networks, video tapes, radio and television programs, and interactive video conferences; and evidence of leadership in local, regional, or national extension programs or professional organizations. Specific examples of the creativity and impact of the nominee's programs should be emphasized. Note of research, teaching, public policy, education, and other activities supportive of extension should be included in the nomination. 

Excellence in Industry Award: This award recognizes outstanding contributions to plant pathology by APS members whose primary employment involves work outside the university and federal realms either for profit or non-profit. Individuals eligible for the award would include plant pathology research and development specialists, private consultants, group managers and others. Supporting information could include general descriptions of new discoveries that have advanced the technological development of plant pathology, publications, patents, novel information delivery programs for clientele, unique clean-stock programs for industry, effective coordination of development programs for new chemicals and biocontrol agents, and demonstrated leadership of a non-profit organization with a focus toward plant pathology. Nominees must be an APS member employed primarily in nonacademic or non-government service. 

Excellence in International Service Award: This award recognizes outstanding contributions to plant pathology by APS members for countries other than their own. Contributions may have been made through collaborative projects, sabbaticals, short- and long-term assignments with educational or governmental agencies including, but not limited to, international centers and research institutes. Nominees should be individuals who have made outstanding contributions to plant pathology for a country beyond their home country. Supporting information could include descriptions of plant pathology programs that have been established, collaborative efforts with scientists in the host country, publications resulting from work done in the host country, and effective coordination of educational programs for universities or government agencies. Recipeint receives an award and cash prize—a portion of which is to be designated to the international program of the recipient's choice. Recipient will receive an award honorarium made possible by the APS Foundation JANE Fund (John and Ann Niederhauser Endowment).

Excellence in Teaching Award: This award recognizes an APS member for excellence in teaching plant pathology. Preference is given to active teachers with responsibility for one or more courses in plant pathology. The major criterion is formal (classroom) teaching proficiency, as indicated by the development and effectiveness of courses taught. Note of research and other activities supportive of teaching should be included in the nomination. Other supporting material should include a brief description of courses taught and indicators, including students' opinions, of teaching effectiveness. Recipients receive an award honorarium ​made possible by the Lucy Hastings de Gutiérrez Fund established in the APS Foundation by Lucy's family and friends.

Syngenta Award: This award is given by Syngenta Crop Protection to an APS member for an outstanding recent contribution to teaching, research, or extension in plant pathology. Priority for this award is given to members of APS who are in the first decade of a career in plant pathology. Recipient receives an award from Syngenta.​​

Society Awards

"Friend of APS" Recognition Citation: APS Council and Leadership or other recognized groups within the society may recommend individuals or organizations to receive this citation which is an inscribed memento. The recommending body will provide a brief statement to APS Council (not to exceed 100 words) in support of the nomination and include the sponsorship from which the funds for this citation are to be paid. APS Council approves the citation and will act on each recommendation in a timely manner to ensure the recommending body may present the citation to the recipient in accordance with the accomplished activity. To assure that the significance and prestige of this citation is preserved; it is recommended that no more than 2-3 citations be presented during any calendar year. Learn more...​

APS Outstanding Volunteer Award: The APS Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes individuals for excellent service in furthering the mission of APS through their volunteer efforts. The intention is to recognize those volunteers in the general membership whose contribution is deemed invaluable. Current officers of APS are not eligible for this award. Senior editors and committee chairs are not eligible in their area of responsibility. The awardee must be a member of APS. Nominations come from any entity within APS or APS member and are submitted to the attention of the Senior Councilor-at-large​. Activities should be recent (within the last 3-5 years) and can be ongoing. The nomination should indicate the specific volunteer activities and how the nominee excelled in the quality, timeliness, and/or scope of these activities. The nomination should be no more than one page and are due yearly by May 15.

APS Sponsored Nominations

In addition to awards given by APS, the ​Committee solicits nominations of individuals to be sponsored by APS for awards given by other agencies. For such awards, the committee recommends nominees to the APS Council.​ When nominees are approved by the Council, the committee appoints a nominator who prepares the required documentation; the nominations are forwarded to the appropriate agency by the president of APS. 

  • National Medal of Science: This medal is awarded annually by the President of the United States for outstanding contributions to knowledge in the physical, biological, mathematical, engineering, or social and behavioral sciences, in service to the Nation. Learn more...
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Award: Each year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to 100 Humboldt Research Awards to internationally renowned academics from abroad in recognition of their entire academic record to date. 
  • Alan T. Waterman Award​This award recognizes an outstanding young researcher in any field of science or engineering supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation. Learn more...