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Public Policy Interest Survey

Your response to the questions below will help PPB assess how you can help APS develop its relationships with members of Congress to ensure plant pathology issues are voiced and represented. A PPB board member will contact you within a few days after you submit your response.

Do you follow: If other:

Do you personally know any current policy makers (e.g., congressional staff, members of congress) or agency personnel? If "yes", how do you know them and who are they?

Have you ever contacted a legislator about federal or state issues?
If "yes" what was the issue and who did you contact?

Have you ever testified before a congressional committee in the U.S. House or Senate?
If "yes" what was the issue?

Do you serve on a government related panel or advisory committee?
If "yes", which one?

Would you be willing to write letters or make phone calls if requested
If "yes", for what issues?

Would you be willing to make congressional visits if requested?
If "yes", for what issues?

Other comments / interests:

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