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Call for Abstracts

Deadline: Wednesday February 26, 2020

The submission fee for abstracts is $50 and will be collected via credit card when you submit your abstract. We encourage students to participate in the competition - please check "Yes" when answering the "This abstract is for the student competition" question during the submission process. Below are the instructions for submitting your abstract:

1) Enter the abstract title, submitter's email, and presentation type.
2) Answer the listed questions. 
3) Add presenter and author information
3) Enter your abstract text
5) Complete the process by submitting your abstract in the confirmation step
6) You will receive an e-mail notification that your abstract has been submitted.

If you are presenting a poster, please make sure that the width of the poster doesn't exceed 40 inches width and 36 inches height.

Online Abstract Submission​

For questions or problems regarding the online abstract submission form, please contact APS Headquarters ​at​.​