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​2020 Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission deadline is February 7, 2020

As is customary for the Division, the 2020 NED-APS program will consist of oral presentations for contributed papers. Our Division will also have an undergraduate student poster session. See below for Abstract Submission instructions.

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts must be submitted online (submission link below). Please be sure to indicate (1) if you want to have your abstract published; (2) if you will be giving a poster (undergraduate only) or oral presentation; and (3) if you will be participating in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition.

All abstracts must be reviewed by all authors AND peer-reviewed by two additional people. The abstract submission is not deemed complete without your certification of these reviews on the abstract submission form.

Completed abstract submissions will be accepted in the order in which they are received. Graduate students who do not wish to participate in the competition, or whose abstracts were submitted after the 20-presentation cutoff was reached, may choose to present their abstract non-competitively during a contributed paper session. There will be a limited number of slots in the contributed paper sessions, and they will be filled as abstracts are received, so consider submitting an abstract of your original research as soon as possible.

Changes to abstract submissions and abstract withdrawal or reinstatement can only be made before the February 7​, 2020 deadline. Please preview your abstract to ensure that all affiliations, spellings, and formatting are correct.

Abstract Submission Instructions

2) Enter Abstract Title, submitter e-mail, type, and answer three questions.
3) Enter Author information
4) Enter Abstract Text
5) You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
6) A non-refundable $45 submission fee is required at the time you submit your abstract.

For questions or issues regarding the online abstract submission form, contact APS HQ.

Meeting participants submitting abstracts will be notified by NED-Vice President, Dr. Kari Peter, that their abstract will be in the meeting program.

Note: Poster session option is for undergraduate participants only. 

Abstract Payments: An abstract submission fee ($45) is required for ALL abstracts submitted for presentation (oral or poster) at the 2020 NED-APS Meeting. Authors will still have the option to publish or not publish. You must indicate if you want your abstract published or not published on the abstract submission form. Abstract submission fees must be paid at the time of abstract submission. 


Fifteen minutes will be allowed for each oral presentation in the Graduate Student Research Award Competition and oral technical sessions with 13 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for questions.  Equipment will be available for digital presentations (PowerPoint) via LCD.  Bring your presentation in PowerPoint format (PC compatible) on a USB memory stick.


Poster presentation guidelines (undergraduates ONLY)​

Posters will follow standard APS guidelines and must not exceed 46 inches wide by 45 inches high.