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WORKSHOP: Soilborne Disease Data Collection and Analysis​

​Broadcast Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2022 | Time to be announced​​

​Registration* Opens December 8
*Free Registration for Plant Health 2021 Attendees via emailed code, Pre-registration is required


Sample collection strategies and data analysis for soilborne disease experiments is important to generating consistency and credibility of results and conclusions. To generate scientific credibility, sampling strategies and experimental designs should revolve around the specific questions being asked. This workshop will use case studies to demonstrate sampling strategies and experimental setups to ask questions about soilborne diseases.

Learning Objectives

    ​Data Analysis for Experimental Designs and Sampling Strategies Discussed​

    Target Audience

    Students, Post-Docs, and Professionals looking to expand current understanding of soilborne disease data capture


    Lindsey Thiessen, North Carolina State University
    Brian Knaus, Oregon State University​