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SPECIAL SESSION: STEM Mentoring Fuels the Next Generation of Scientists - Panel Discussion

Adopting post-harvest diseases into inquiry-based online STEM modules for the next generation of plant pathologists
Robert Hirsch - University of Kentucky.

Dr. Lou Hirsch is a Lecturer in the Department of Plant Pathology and serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology Program, an interdisciplinary major in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the University of Kentucky. His on-campus responsibilities include program administration and teaching graduate and undergraduate lecture and lab classes, but his scholarship and research focus on the development of standards-based science modules for K-12 STEM programs. To this end, Dr. Hirsch has facilitated partnerships with APS members and STEM teachers through the APS Office of Public Relations and Outreach (OPRO) to enable the publication of laboratory teaching modules in peer-reviewed STEM practitioner journals. Furthermore, he and OPRO recently partnered with PlantingScience.org to create a plant pathology laboratory module on a well-known digital platform frequented by exceptional STEM teachers throughout the United States.