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Novel Boron Containing Chemistry for Management of Plant Pathogenic Fungi
Luke Steere - Boragen, Inc.. Mike Samuels- Boragen, Inc., Marissa Aubrey- Boragen, Inc., Tony Liu- Boragen, Inc., Stephen Yang- Boragen, Inc., Cari McGregor- Boragen, Inc.

Boron containing compounds have a proven track record in human health for therapeutic treatment of fungal diseases. Building off that framework, Boragen has developed a platform for boron-based crop protection chemistry. A novel fungicide, BAG8, which inhibits fungal protein biosynthesis, has demonstrated the ability to effectively control a broad spectrum of agronomically relevant plant pathogens. Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined for 20 separate plant pathogenic fungi with results ranging from 0.02-5.0 parts per million (ppm). Additionally, BAG8 was screened against 24 isolates of Alternaria solani collected from tomato growers in North Carolina, with resistance to azoxystrobin and/or boscalid. In vitro screening of these isolates revealed the high intrinsic activity of BAG8 across all isolates with or without resistance, demonstrating a novel mode of action. Broad spectrum activity has been confirmed through continued greenhouse and field trialing on a wide array of pathosystems.