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POSTERS: Molecular plant-microbe interactions

A core component FpDep1 in the Rpd3L histone deacetylase complex is essential for development and virulence in Fusarium pseudograminearum
Sheng-Li Ding - Henan Agricultural University. Limin Wang- Henan Agricultural University, Mengjuan Zhang- Henan Agricultural University, Yinshan Zhang- Henan Agricultural University, Bingjian Sun- Henan Agricultural University, Ruijiao Kang- Henan Agricultural University, Honglian Li- Henan Agricultur

Fusarium crown rot of wheat caused by Fusarium pseudograminearum occurs in many arid and semi-arid cropping regions of the world and is an emerging disease in China. Lack of resistant cultivars makes this disease difficult to be controlled. To better understand the molecular mechanisms regulating pathogenesis, in this study, we identified and characterized the FpDEP1 gene that is orthologous to Saccharomyces cerevisiae DEP1 encoding a component of the Rpd3 histone deacetylase complex in F. pseudograminearum. The Fpdep1 gene deletion mutant was significantly reduced in growth rate and aerial hyphae on PDA plates. It failed to cause typical lesions on the leaves and had limited expanding on coleoptiles in infection assays with wheat seedlings. Histological analysis indicated the Fpdep1 mutant failed to overcome host defense response as visualized by detection of ROS and expand from the initially colonized cells to neighboring plant cells, which was consistent with its sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide in vitro. Expression of the FpDEP1-GFP fusion complemented the mutant phenotypes and the FgDep1-GFP fusion protein localized to the nucleus in conidia and hyphae. Affinity purification coupled with LC-MS/MS and yeast two hybrid assayed showed that the Rpd3L-like HDAC complex contains at least FpDep1, FpSds3, FpSin3, FpRpd3, FpRxt3, FpCti6, FpRho23, and FpUme6 in F. pseudograminearum. These results indicated that FpDep1 is involved in a HDAC complex that regulates fungal development and virulence in this important wheat pathogen.