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SPECIAL SESSION: STEM Mentoring Fuels the Next Generation of Scientists - Panel Discussion

The APS and PlantingScience Partnership
Jodi Creasap Gee - Botanical Society of America.

With a background in Plant Pathology, Dr. Jodi Creasap Gee’s interest in science/nature outreach education began in undergraduate school at Hiram College’s James H. Barrow Field Station and continued through graduate school at a nature center local to Cornell University, her Michigan State University postdoc with an undergraduate mentee, and her professional positions via PlantingScience. She first volunteered as a PlantingScience mentor in 2009, when she was an extension educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension and continued volunteering after she became program director at Kent State University. PlantingScience is an online community of plant scientist mentors – some of which are APS members – who mentor middle and high school students as they conduct plant science investigations in the classroom. The program offers 9 modules that relate to various plant science concepts – from agronomy to pollination to photosynthesis. When the Education Technology Coordinator position at the Botanical Society of America became available in 2016, Creasap Gee eagerly applied, as PlantingScience fulfills her main mission of scientific outreach to the public, especially young students who are not only the next generation of plant scientists but also citizen scientists. Now the Education Technology Manager, Creasap Gee has worked with APS members to create a plant pathology module that can easily teach middle and high school students about plant diseases.