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Oral: Fieldside Manner: Serving Plant Pathology's Stakeholders


The business of working with stakeholders.
W. Dolezal (1) (1) DuPont Pioneer, U.S.A.

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Identifying your stakeholders and understanding their specific needs are important components for running a successful business. The goal is to provide useful information in a timely manner for achieving improved product performance, improving workload efficiency and hopefully improving profitability for both the stakeholder and the company. Internal stakeholders include your team members and administrators, your company colleagues in sales, production/manufacturing and research. External industry stakeholders are many, including farmers/growers; intermediate or end users of your product; local, state, federal or international governments; professional and trade organizations and the communities where you conduct business. Building a reputation for being knowledgeable, honest, accurate and timely in providing useful information that benefit stakeholders is a major key to business grow & sustainability. It is also key for building a successful career.