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Viruses of brugmansia in Mississippi
N. ABOUGHANEM-SABANADZOVIC (1), A. Lawrence (1), S. Sabanadzovic (1) (1) Mississippi State University, U.S.A.

Brugmansia (Brugmansia spp.), or Angel’s trumpet, is an ornamental woody plant/shrub originating from South America and belonging to the family Solanaceae. Because of production of attractive large and fragrant flowers, they are now commonly grown in the temperate climate worldwide, including USA. As any other plant, it is susceptible to different pathogens including viruses. During the late summer/fall of 2015, several symptomatic brugmansia samples of different cultivars were brought to our attention by a local plant enthusiast. Symptoms varied among samples and, generally speaking, consisted of leaf mosaics and distortion. Samples were examined separately by biological, serological and molecular methods, including deep sequencing, and resulted in identification of several potyviruses, such as Colombian datura virus (CDV) and Brugmansia mosaic virus (BruMV). CDV was previously reported from brugmansia collected in Florida and few other states in the USA; however, this study represents the first state record for this virus in Mississippi. BruMV was not previously known to occur in the United States and was probably recently introduced into the country by infected plant material.