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Trivapro™ fungicide, a new fungicide for broad spectrum control of diseases of corn, soybeans, and wheat.
E. TEDFORD (1), E. Tedford (1), A. Tally (1) (1) Syngenta, U.S.A.

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Trivapro™ fungicide was registered late in 2015, and is now commercially available for use on corn, soybeans, and wheat. This fungicide contains three broad spectrum ingredients (a strobilurin, triazole, and an SDHI) that all have different modes of action. The SDHI component, Solatenol™ is an extremely potent active ingredient that provides long residual control of many important diseases. This combination of active ingredients provides both preventive and curative disease control. Trivapro is particularly effective against many of the rust pathogens. Results from corn and wheat trials in the US in 2015 demonstrated the grower benefits of longer lasting control. Research has also shown some crop enhancement benefits.