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Poster: Biology & Disease Mgmt: Chemical Control


Adepidyn™: A new fungicide active ingredient for control of Fusarium head blight on wheat.
T. HARP (1), K. Anaka (2), A. Tally (1) (1) Syngenta Crop Protection, U.S.A.; (2) Syngenta Crop Protection, Canada

Adepidyn™ Fungicide is a new active ingredient in the carboxamide chemical class (Frac group 7) from Syngenta that provides broad spectrum disease control across many crops, including cereals. In addition to strong performance on various cereal leaf spots and powdery mildew, Adepidyn™ has also demonstrated efficacy on Fusarium head blight (FHB), a disease that is difficult to control and with limited management solutions. Adepidyn™ represents the only carboxamide that demonstrates good activity for control of FHB, offering growers a new tool for Fusarium control as well as providing an expanded window for application. In field trials, Adepidyn™ applied solo between BBCH 55 and BBCH 65 (Feekes 10.3 -10.52) at rates between 150 and 200 gai/ha, or at 125 to 150 gai/ha in mixture with propiconazole, provided superior efficacy to the current triazole solutions. Adepidyn™ provides excellent control of FHB and is a new mode of action for effective management for FHB in cereals.