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The SimpleSynteny Server: Genome Comparison Simplified
D. VELTRI (1), M. Malapi-Wight (2), J. Crouch (1) (1) USDA-ARS, U.S.A.; (2) USDA-APHIS, U.S.A.

Visualizing syntenic relationships amongst gene clusters is a common task for studying organismal evolution. Here we present SimpleSynteny, a new comparative genomics web server which includes a number of helpful tools for the analysis of microsynteny across multiple genome assemblies. Requiring only FASTA files for genomes and gene targets of interest as input, SimpleSynteny's easy interface helps the user explore and customize individual genomes before combining them into a final high-resolution figure. The approach gives users the freedom to incorporate additional knowledge when editing contigs/scaffolds after computational predictions are made. A range of image formats and customization options are also provided to give additional control when saving results. In this presentation, we provide a quick overview of the tools provided and generate example figures from fungal genomes via a live demonstration of the site. SimpleSynteny stands to be a powerful new tool in a researcher's toolbox of comparative genomics software. The server is free to use and is currently available at: http://www.simplesynteny.com.