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Poster: Diseases of Plants: Disease Detection & Diagnosis


A new paradigm for early diagnosis tool for major fungal disease in apple and persimmon
S. LEE (1), M. Jeon (2), J. Kim (3), H. Jung (1) (1) College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Kyungpook National University, South Korea; (2) School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kyungpook National University, South Korea; (3) School o

To diagnose the fungal disease, it can be diagnose when the visible symptoms or sign are appeared. Or molecular biological method, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is widely used, however, it is hard to apply in field condition and takes long time. To overcome these problem, we applied optical coherence tomography (OCT) tool for diagnosis the major fungal disease; apple blotch (AB) and circular leaf spot (CLS) in apple and persimmon. The casual agents of AB and CLS is Marssonina coronaria and Mycosphaerella nawae, which has long incubation period in their host. Using these characteristics, we tried to find the differences between healthy and infected leaves in the incubation period stage. OCT is non-invasive method which can examine the leaf samples without treatment. A-scan analysis which showing signal intensity showed that there was difference between healthy and infected leaves. Furthermore, infected leaves which had any visible symptoms were appeared similar pattern of signal intensity with diseased leaves. And infection was re-confirmed using species-specific PCR assay. Based on these results, it is assumed that OCT can be a useful diagnostic tool for early diagnose of two major fungal disease in apple and persimmon.