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Antifungal effect of nano sized zero valent iron (nZVI) to special fungal pathogens in paprika and tomato crop
M. PARK (1), J. Kim (1), Y. Lee (2), S. Kim (2) (1) Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute, South Korea; (2) Department of Applied Plant Sciences College of Agriculture and Life Sciences/Gangwon National Univ., South Korea

Zero-valent iron (ZVI) has been utilized in environmental remediation including the removal of pollution or contaminants such as heavy metals, phosphate as an ingredient of fertilizers and pesticides in groundwater, soil and/or sediment. Recently, many studies have shown that the nano-sized ZVI (nZVI) have antibacterial and antifungal activity by oxidative reaction of the nZVI. Here, we are trying to apply the ZVI or nZVI as antifungal agent instead biocidal chemical compound (fungicide) for Collectorichum acutatum, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Lycopersici, Sclerotinia minor, S. sclerotiorum, and Rhizoctonia solina, the causal agent of major fungal disease of paprika and tomato crop in Korea. The result of antifungal activity tests showed that ZVI and nZVI were the most efficient antifungal agent to all five fungal pathogens. Especially, nZVI was more efficient to inhibit the hyphal growth than ZVI in five fungal pathogens.