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Adepidyn™: A new fungicide active ingredient for control of foliar diseases.
K. BUXTON (1), T. Harp (1), A. Tally (1), H. Mclean (1) (1) Syngenta Crop Protection, U.S.A.; (2) Syngenta Crop Protection, U.S.A.

Adepidyn™ fungicide is a new active ingredient in the carboxamide chemical class (FRAC group 7) from Syngenta that provides excellent, long lasting control of powdery mildews, leaf spots, and other fungal pathogens on vegetables as well as row crops. The first wave crops to be registered include fruiting and leafy vegetables, cereals, peanut, grapes, potatoes, soybeans, and corn. Some of the key strengths of ADEPIDYN™ include early and late leaf spot on peanut, Alternaria spp., and powdery mildews. Field trials have shown the unparalleled residual control of ADEPIDYN™ fungicide, at low rates in comparison to commercial standards, providing more than three to four weeks control of A. solani on potato, Cercospora spp. on peanut, and powdery mildew on cucurbits. The high intrinsic activity and long-lasting duration of control of ADEPIDYNTM fungicide on these diseases, in rotation and in mixtures with other fungicides, will provide growers another tool for effectively managing leaf spot and powdery mildew diseases.