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Oral: Bacterial Disease Management


Biological control of plant pathogenic bacteria
G. KRITZMAN (1), G. Kritzman (2) (1) Nobactra, Israel; (2) Nobactra, Israel

Bacterial diseases take a high economical toll in all areas of agriculture. Currently growers attempt to treat these outbreaks with copper compounds that have low efficacy and are detrimental to the environment. Nobactra brings a new concept to control a wide range of bacterial diseases, comprised of two key elements that when combined have a strong synergistic relationship. The first component is a cocktail of 10 antagonistic bacteria and the second component is a powder formulation of essential oils. The advantages of using a cocktail of bacteria rather than a single microbe include: a) consistency in a range of soil and climatic conditions; b) significantly lower chances of resistance development due to the multiple mechanisms of activity; c) wide spectrum of activity. The innovative oil formulation overcomes the high phytotoxicity of the essential oil and allows for effective use against bacterial diseases without harming the plant. Nobactra's solutions have shown high efficacy rates in the control of several diseases. The following are key examples:Potato scab (Streptomyces spp.) – seed treatment and soil treatment.Tomato canker (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Michiganensis - Cmm) Nobactra controls the distribution of Cmm in the greenhouse.Seed borne bacterial diseases (Pseudomonas, Xanthamonas, Acidovorax, Erwinia, Cmm.). Nobacta's products are officially registered in Israel.