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Poster: Diseases of Plants: Disease Detection & Diagnosis


Infectivity analysis of strain L of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus,a cotton mastrevirus, in Nicotiana benthamiana plants
M. MANZOOR (1), A. Bibi (2) (1) Institute of agricultural sciences,University of the punjab, Pakistan; (2) institute of agricultural sciences,university of the punjab, Pakistan

Cotton is damaged by a group of viruses, responsible for cotton leaf curl disease complex, belongs to the genus Begomovirus; family Geminiviridae. The present study unveils another virus which belongs to genus of the same family causing leaf curl disease in cotton. Agrobacterium-mediated inoculation, of strain L of the chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus(CpCDV) (mastrevirus) isolated from cotton plants, to Nicotiana benthamiana, alone or in combination with other begomovirus showed a remarkable difference in symptoms from very mild symptoms to severe cup shaped with stunted growth.The variability in symptoms and their development in other parts of tested plants and subject viruses, belonging to different genera, perhaps owing to difference in ORFs of subject viruses.