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Poster: Diseases of Plants: Disease Detection & Diagnosis


Identification of virus species infecting pepper in Guangdong province of China
Y. Tang (1), Z. He (1) (1) Plant Protection Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Viral disease is one of main diseases of pepper production in Guangdong province of China. During 2013-2015, we surveyed the occurrence of the viral disease and identified the viruses infecting pepper.The diseased samples of pepper were collected randomly from the main pepper-growing areas of Guangdong. The diseased samples of the same survey location were mixed and extracted total RNA for deep sequencing of small RNA. The viruses were verified by RT-PCR, respectively using the specific primers designed according to the assembling sequences.The diseased plants in fields exhibited diversiform symptoms, including stunting, mosaic, chlorosis, leaf narrowing and distortion, and mottled. The sequence analysis results showed that there were 16 species viruses infecting pepper, including Chilli ringspot virus, Broad bean wilt virus, Cucumber mosaic virus, Pepper vein yellows virus, Chilli veinal mottle virus, Pepper veinal mottle virus, Pepper yellow leaf curl virus, Capsicum chlorosis virus, Tobacco mild green mosaic virus, Pepper cryptic virus, Potato virus Y, Pepper mild mottle virus, Watermelon silver mottle virus, Tobacco mosaic virus, Bell pepper endornavirus, Nicotiana tabacum pararetrovirus-like. The co-infection with two, three and more than three viruses accounted for 6.02%, 21.29% and 69.88% in one diseased sample, respectively. It is concluded that the number of virus species infecting pepper crop was abundant and co-infection was common in Guangdong of China.