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Plant Pathology Education in America:
Current Status and Future Challenges

Part 2 of 3

James D. MacDonald
Executive Associate Dean 
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
University of California
1 Shields Ave 
Davis, CA 95616-8680

In this second of a three-part presentation, I describe what our committee learned regarding student career aspirations and graduate program curricula. In the first part, I described the issues that our committee was asked to examine and provided data on graduate student demographics, what attracts students to plant pathology, and how well graduate programs feel they are doing in student recruitment. In the third and final installment, I will describe what we learned about how employers view the preparation of program graduates, what they anticipate as important skills for the future, and then summarize what students, graduate programs and employers see as possible roles for APS in this arena.

These findings were originally presented to the APS leadership at the Annual Meeting in San Diego in July, 2007. They also will play an important role in framing the discussion at a national workshop on education in plant pathology being planned for late 2008 or early 2009.

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