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Teaching Notes

An Alternative to Exams for Student Evaluation
Arneson, P. A. Cornell University

A Smarter Hand Lens – Macro Lens Attachments for Your Smart Device
Emily G. Cantonwine, Department of Biology, Valdosta State University

CALEDON: Making a Game of Forest Pathology to Increase Awareness of Tree Diseases, Pests, and Production
Alex Batson and Max Coleman

Demonstration of Plant Pathogen Dispersal Without Using Live Plants or Pathogens
Elliott, M. L. University of Florida

Easy Demonstration of Fungal Mycelium 
Schumann, G. L. University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

Enhanced Learning through Role-Playing
Schumann, G. L. University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

The Fungal Mating Game: A Simple Demonstration of the Genetic Regulation of Fungal Mating Compatibility.
Vaillancourt, L. J. University of Kentucky,

Plant Diseases in the News
Grey, W. E. and D. E. Mathre. Montana State University

Production of Apothecia and Ascospores of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Pethybridge, S. J., A. C. Cobb, and H. R. Dillard, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University

Student Reaction to Review Sessions Modeled After the DeBary Bowl
Vincelli, P., and P. Heist. University of Kentucky.

Turfgrass Disease Specimens for Teaching
Schumann, G. L. University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

Using the Society for Infectious Diseases Website for Student Plant Disease Reports Schumann, G. L. Marquette University.