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Access to the free materials for Introductory and Advanced Plant Pathology level course Instructors are available only to instructors who register for access.

Instructors with current access must log in to the website (left corner of the banner above) with the appropriate username and password.

If you are already logged in with your personal APS username (you will see your name to the right of "Home" you will need to log out (using the "Welcome yourname" menu; "Welcome yourname" will change to "Log in") and log in again with the common instructor username and password for this restricted area.

Instructors of plant pathology courses are invited to submit sample lecture and lab questions as well as model answers. Authors of publications in the APSnet Education Center that include Discussion Questions are invited to contribute suggested answers and other relevant information that will aid other instructors.

To post lecture and lab exam questions and answers, please contact Katherine L. Stevenson, Editor-in-Chief, Include information about the course for which the questions are used such as course title and number, institution, student level (2-yr program, undergraduate, graduate), and prerequisites.

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