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Teaching Articles

 Peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to teaching and learning of plant pathology. 

Teaching Notes

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Hungry Planet:Stories of Plant Diseases
Instructor materials to accompany the Hungry Planet textbook.

Sample Lecture and Lab Exam Questions and Answers to Discussion Questions in APSnet Education Center Publications; and Review Games (Jeopardy and Feud)

Instructors of plant pathology courses are invited to submit sample lecture and lab questions as well as model answers. Authors of publications in the APSnet Education Center that include Discussion Questions are invited to contribute suggested answers and other relevant information that will aid other instructors. To post lecture and lab exam questions and answers, please Contact Us Here. Include information about the course for which the questions are used such as course title and number, institution, student level (2-yr program, undergraduate, graduate), and prerequisites.

Meetings and Activities

The second ISPP Online Teaching Symposium: Active Learning in Plant Pathology. The Symposium was held from May 15 to June 4, 2006. The papers and discussions will remain available at Papers were submitted by an international group of authors, and were accompanied by moderated online discussions. Themes included:

  • Learning Theory
  • Tools and Technology
  • Distance Education/Curricular Issues
The Symposium also included Forums (moderated discussions) on:
  • What are the current challenges in teaching plant pathology, and how do we meet them?
  • What should every plant pathologist be taught?
  • Practical work: How much can "virtual" replace "actual"? Pros and cons?
  • General Discussion: Any issues related to this symposium not covered above.
The first ISPP Online Teaching Symposium was held in 2001. The archives can be accessed via the weblink mentioned above, or directly at

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship
An Undergraduate Research Fellowship has been established by friends and colleagues of Dr. Frank L. Howard with the assistance of the American Phytopathological Society (APS) Foundation. The award was established to encourage the involvement of undergraduate students in plant pathology research and to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in plant pathology. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply immediately.

Journals and Resources

Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education

American Society of Agronomy

Written by and for educators, JNRLSE covers the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture. The American Phytopathological Society is an official cooperator of the journal and encourages its members to contribute manuscripts. APS members may obtain a subscription discount by emailing ASA at Subscribers receive online access during and a hardbound copy at the end of each subscription year.