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Acknowledgment Of Reviewers – The Plant Health Instructor


In addition to members of the Editorial Board, the following individuals provided constructive critical reviews of one or more manuscripts during the year. Those who reviewed their first manuscript near the end of the year will be recognized in the following year's acknowledgments. Appreciation for their valuable help to authors and the journal is expressed to the following reviewers:   


Marin Brewer

Jonathan Chris

David Clement

M. Bess Dicklow

Dennis Gonsalves

George Hudler

Jim Kerns

Joao Pedro Luz

Daren Mueller



Pao-jen Ann

Odile Carisse

Bhabesh Dutta

Paul Esker

Kate Everts

Jim Frank

Anthony Keinath

Joao Pedro Luz

Ana Carla Medeira

Neil McRoberts

Peter Ojiambo

Harald Scherm

Adam Sparks