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Introducing PhytoFrontiers, the newest addition to the APS journals collection.


PhytoFrontiers is an interdisciplinary open-access journal publishing high-quality research covering basic to applied aspects of plant health. Led by editor-in-chief Nik Grunwald and associate editor-in-chief Steve Klosterman, the PhytoFrontiers editorial board provides authors robust and helpful peer review, rapid publication, and worldwide distribution through the APS Journals platform. PhytoFrontiers​ is online-only. 

To read more about the decision to launch this new journal, read "Introducing PhytoFrontiers, a Broad-Scope, Open-Access Journal from APS."


All plant science research relevant to plant health will be considered. Manuscripts are judged solely on scientific merit. 

Topic Areas Examples

Technology-driven research on plant-associated microbes and their vectors
New laboratory protocols and methods to analyze data
Data science related to plant health
Plant resistance including genomic and marker-assisted mapping
Phylogenetics, evolution, and comparative genomics of plant-associated microbes
Molecular biology and physiology of plant-associated microbes and their vectors
Quantitative approaches to characterize plant health
Research at the intersection of food safety and plant pathology
Microbiome interactions with other microbes and plants
Environmental and abiotic stresses on plants
Sociological aspects of plant diseases
Reviews related to plant health communication and outreach
Resource announcements and genome sequence announcements  


PhytoFrontiers ​will begin accepting submissions by the end of April. For more details, email editor-in-chief Nik Grunwald or associate editor-in-chief Steve Klosterman.