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​​​Cucumber Mosaic Virus Is the First Comprehensive Publication on a Globally Important Virus

A global menace, cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) has the broadest host range of any virus, with the ability to infect more than 1,000 plants and counting, as new host plants are identified annually. CMV can affect most vegetable plants and some fruit crops and can be economically devastating, resulting in losses as high as 100%. Because of this, CMV has recently been classified among the top 10 most important viruses worldwide.

Most publications about CMV focus on specific aspects of the virus. Cucumber Mosaic Virus, edited by Peter Palukaitis and Fernando García-Arenal, is the first to present a comprehensive collection of research. Providing historical context, the book starts with the reprinting of three articles that introduced cucumber mosaic disease into the scientific literature in 1916 then moves forward to discuss the latest discoveries. The 25 chapters cover pathology and molecular biology as well as CMV’s exceptional ability to override host defense mechanisms, referred to as “RNA silencing suppression,” and evaluations of disease detection methods and management strategies.

Containing contributions from an international group of 29 experts, Cucumber Mosaic Virus serves as a referenced work intended for use by scholars, students, teachers, regulators, and researchers.

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