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K-12 Plant Path-Ways to Science

The K-12 web-site was constructed to assist science and biology teachers in the K through 12 grades interested in developing interactive laboratories and demonstrations that teach the basic principles of science and the scientific method.

News and Views

News and items of interest to students and teachers related to Plant Path-Ways to Science. Includes an image of the month of a plant disease of historical, cultural or seasonal and regional interest.

Programs and Workshops for K-12 Science and Biology Teachers

A list of current and future programs, workshops and booth appearances by plant pathologists that may be of interest to K-12 teachers.

K-12 Teacher's Guide to Lessons and Laboratories

A description of interesting and tested experiments and lessons that demonstrate scientific principles in relation to the microbes that exist in our everyday environment using plant pathology. Each exercise includes background information, grade level recommendations, learning objectives, study questions and answers, and a list of materials and supplies (with suppliers) that will be needed. To purchase a CD-Rom version of K-12 online materials and the illustrated glossary, click here.

Illustrated Glossary

Definitions of commonly used terms related to plants and plant pathology written for students and teachers with a background in biology. Click on the image icon to see a photograph or drawing of the term.

Selected APSnet Feature Articles

Resource Guide to Materials Related to Plant Path-Ways to Science

An annotated list of publications, videos, books, supplies and other links and resources for students and teachers interested in additional information.


A list of mailing and electronic addresses of volunteer mentors who are willing to provide some assistance or suggestions to teachers regarding the materials, plans, classroom visits or simply to help and advise teachers needing additional information or clarification. The mentors are identified by the type of information or assistance they are able to offer. 

The de Bary Award for Outstanding Children’s Science Books

Each year the K-12 education children's book committee selects outstanding children's science books this year's winners are now posted.

An online mentoring program featuring modules in a variety of plant sciences.  APS is one of many sponsors of this program.