2017 APS Annual Meeting Guidelines for Developing Oral Technical and Poster Presentations

The specific format that will be used for all Abstract PowerPoint presentations is widescreen 16:9.

The following documents will help you prepare your presentation for the annual meeting:

Preparing Your Oral Technical Presentation

 Download the Guidelines for Developing Oral Technical Presentation for information on:

  • organizing the presentation
  • developing PowerPoint slides
  • creating the slide format, including resolution, color, lettering, graphics, and more
  • uploading your presentation to the conference recording company

Preparing Your Scientific Poster Presentation

 Download the Guidelines for Poster Presentation for information on:

  • poster size
  • typography
  • layout


Abstract Hints for a Successful Abstract

At our annual APS meeting, our tradition has been to accept the first 200 abstracts submitted for 15-minute contributed oral presentations and require all other submitters to present posters. In 2016, we changed our policy for choosing abstracts, with the goal of improving the contributed oral sessions.

The Annual Meeting Board (AMB) will review abstracts for all presenters who wish to give a contributed talk and will choose the presentations based mainly on scientific quality. We will also consider other factors, such as topic, so that each session has a cohesive focus and so our annual meeting has a broad representation of plant pathology.  

Here is a checklist to help abstract writers present their work clearly for the AMB reviewers.


–The title and abstract has been thoroughly checked to eliminate spelling and grammar errors.
–All authors listed have contributed to the work being presented.
–All authors listed have read and approved of the final version of the abstract.
–The abstract has been proofread by at least two colleagues who are not authors on this abstract.

 –The abstract title does not include abbreviations.
 –If a scientific binomial is in the title, both the genus and species names are fully written. (for example, Phytophthora infestans, not P. infestans)

Abstract text describes the following:
–Research significance 
–Hypothesis tested or research objective
–Methods used
–Experimental results, with as much quantitative specificity as possible
–Conclusions of the work presented

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