Idea Cafés

Enhance your scientific content, find solutions to existing problems, discover innovative ideas in your area of research or outreach!  Idea Cafés are your opportunity for an in-depth round-table discussion on an area of interest. Meet great minds in plant pathology in an informal setting. One table per topic, located at specified tables at the front entrance area of the Exhibit Hall. Topics are subject to change.

Wednesday, August 3
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.


  • Beneficial Plant Pathogens for Biological Control of Weeds
  • BLIGHT! Your Last Chance to Survive
  • Building Opportunity for Public Engagement and Extension Experience into Graduate Programs
  • Capturing Impacts and Emotions: Why Plant Pathology Matters
  • Crop Science and Technology Messages in the Facebook Era
  • Could Elevated O3 Associated with Climate Change Affect Leaf-surface Phytobiome and the Efficacy of Biological and Chemical Control?
  • Future of Bananas
  • Graduate School: 101 Ways to Succeed
  • How can Phytobiome Projects Contribute to Increase Sensitivity and Specificity of Seed Health Testing?
  • Improving Gender Representation within Plant Pathology
  • Staying Clean: Producing Disease-free Plants in Vegetatively Propagated Crops
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Implications on Current Agricultural Practices
  • Tactics for Incorporating Research into Teaching
  • Use of Technology in Teaching (e.g. 3D imaging)
  • Who Decides What We Mean by “Science Communication"?

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