Technical Sessions-At-A-Glance



Agents for Biological Control

Bacterial Biology and Host Interactions

Bacterial Pathogenicity

Bacterial Virulence in the Xylem

Biological Control of Plant Diseases

Biotrophic Virulence Discovery

Chemical Management of Plant Diseases

Cultural Management of Plant Diseases

Disease Management

Emerging Viruses

Epidemiology and Disease Management

Etiology of Diseases Caused by Fungi and Oomycetes

Fungal and Fungal-Like Pathogenicity

Fungal Diversity and Population Genetics

Fungal Epidemiology

Fungal Pathogen Genetics and Biology

Fungal Pathogens

Fungicide Resistance-Session 1

Fungicide Resistance-Session 2

Genetic Diversity of Viruses

Host-Pathogen Interactions              

Host Resistance

Impact of Cultural Management on Disease  

Liberibacter-Session 1

Liberibacter-Session 2


Oomycete Population Structure

Pathogen Detection Technologies-Session 1

Pathogen Detection Technologies-Session 2

Virus-Host Interactions

Virus Epidemiology                             

Weather and Disease Models          


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