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2011 APS Annual Meeting Abstract


Fluxapyroxad: A new broad-spectrum fungicide
S. STRATHMANN (1), S. Walker (2), J. Barnes (2)
(1) BASF SE, Limburgerhof, GERMANY; (2) BASF Corp, Research Triangle Park, NC, U.S.A.
Phytopathology 101:S172

Fluxapyroxad is a new broad-spectrum fungicide under development by BASF Corporation. Fluxapyroxad inhibits respiration of fungi by blocking production of succinate dehydrogenase and will be classified in FRAC group 7. It has both excellent preventative and curative activity through the inhibition of fungi at several stages of the fungal lifecycle including spore germination, germ tube growth, appresoria formation and mycelial growth. Research has demonstrated fluxapyroxad is highly active on several major plant pathogens from the Ascomycete, Basidiomycete, Deuteromycete and Zygomycete classes of fungi. It is effective for use on a wide variety of crops, including cereals, corn, soybean, fruiting vegetables, tuberous and corm vegetables, pome fruits and stone fruits with excellent crop safety. Research use rates where effective ranged from 45 200 g ai/ha. The compound has a favorable toxicological and ecotoxicological profile. The active ingredient trade name for fluxapyroxad is Xemium Fungicide. EPA registration is expected in 2012.

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