"I am always looking for ways to improve the delivery of the material in my Phytobacteriology course in the Department of Plant Pathology at Washington State University. I was very excited for the opportunity to add Plant Bacteriology by Dr. Clarence Kado to the reading list. The text book is written in a straightforward manner which is easy to read and understand, even for the novice phytobacteriologist. The material presented was up to date and timely. The figures, tables and pictures very effectively helped to further explain or illustrate ideas presented in the text. The textbook provided excellent photos of bacterially infected plants, which were diverse in nature and covered a wide range of plants impacted by various bacterial pathogens. I used these as examples throughout the course. The references were complete and enabled an easy way to chose current literature for a more detailed discussion.

There are numerous ways that people will choose to teach phytobacteriology, two of these are by organism and by symptomology. This textbook provides excellent examples and descriptions which will complement both teaching directions.

The information presented provides a great introduction into plant bacteriology and provides an excellent information base for the students to then build upon and delve into more details on various subjects using the current literature. I highly recommend the use of Plant Bacteriology written by Dr. Clarence Kado as a basic reference book for phytobacteriology courses."

Brenda Schroeder
Assistant Professor-Phytobacteriologist
Washington State University